Registration forms can be emailed to or turned in on one of our two registration days.

BYS Fall 2022 Head Coach Registration Forms

BYS Fall 2022 Assistant Coach Registration Forms


We will have two (2) Coaches Liaisons to offer you assistance, answer your questions, and provide you with the utmost support. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Both Liaison's phone numbers will be found in your Coaches Packet (to be disseminated at the Coaches Meeting). Please do not share these numbers with anyone.

Mandatory Background Check/Child Safety Training

Please note: If you completed these requirements in Fall 2021, you do not have to perform for Spring 2022, as your credentials are good for one year.

Due to insurance requirements, background checks, and child safety training is mandatory for all Committee, Coaches, and Referees over 18 years of age. This is completely FREE, safe, and secure. Your information will go straight to the agency performing the checks and bypassing the Commissioner and the HOA staff. Once you have filled out the background check form successfully, you will receive a link to the child safety training video and quiz. When complete, please save the PDF and email it to This is valid for one (1) year.

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Concussion Education

Concussion education has always been a very important issue to BYS. The new season brings new rules. As always, if a player is hit in the head or you suspect a concussion, remove them from the game/practices immediately. The player cannot return to play/practice until receipt of a note from a physician clearing them for play. There are to be no exceptions to this rule.

We will be disseminating via email and hard copy formats, Concussion Training information. You will be required to acknowledge your review and receipt of the information.

Concussion Policy

Due to our insurance policy's requirements, if a player is hit in the head or suspected of having a concussion, they will be removed from the game/practice and cannot return to play/practice without receipt of a note from a physician clearing them for play. There are to be no exceptions to this rule. Please do not blame the Coach, they are just following mandated requirements.


The U6 Division holds one practice a week for 30-45 minutes (as fields time allows). All other divisions practice twice a week for approximately 60 minutes.

Please only practice on your approved scheduled date. PRIOR APPROVAL MUST BE GIVEN BY THE COMMISSIONER TO CHANGE OR ADD PRACTICE TIME OR DAY. Please respect other Coach’s schedules.

You may have to share the field. We apologize for this, but please ask that you maintain communication with the other team's Coach and cooperate on the best way to share the field during practice. There are to be no more than two (2) teams on one (1) field at the same time.

We ask that nets are only put on during games. We have four (4) large yellow goals for U6 that are only to be used during games.

Practice equipment is available in the BYS shed (furthest from the fields) in the appropriately marked bin FREE for your use. We only ask that you please return any borrowed equipment to the shed so all who need can utilize it.

If you use the shed, please, please ensure that it is locked back up with ALL three locks before you leave. You will receive the confidential shed code in your Coaches Packet.

Ensure all children on your team are wearing all safety equipment when they practice, including shin guards. Please allow no wearing of jewelry and ponytail holders with plastic pieces (boys and girls) as they can contribute to injuries.

Please encourage your team to pick up any trash/litter they’ve accumulated during practice.

When practice is over, please do not leave until the last child has safely left with his/her parent/guardian. There are to be NO instances of any children left at the fields without their Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Parent present with them. Under NO circumstances are you to drive the player to or from practice alone.

During BYS’s Season, BYS has purview of the fields. If you encounter teenagers, families, or non-BYS Teams using your field when it’s your practice time, please politely explain this to them and refer them to the signs posted at the parking lot. If they refuse to leave, please contact the BYS Commissioner immediately as she can follow the proper channels to have them removed.

Team Parents

The Committee's goal is to have a Team Parent for every team. We urge parents to volunteer at registration and if that fails, we have been known to chase people down until we get all of our valuable Team Parents.

Your Team Parent is a valuable asset. Please utilize them to assist with snack schedule, picture days, trophy name verification, and anything else they've agreed to help you out with. You will find out who your Team Parent is when rosters go out.

Picture Days

Picture day will be Oct 15th for all teams.


The number of players on the field varies per Division. Consult with the Referee and the other team's Coaches before each game to verify if teams have enough players. If there are not enough players, please notify a BYS Committee Member. It is permissible to recruit other players to help teams field a full team if they are short. ALL players must be registered with BYS.

Please participate in the last game bench return to the sheds.

Please ensure that at least one (1) Coach is at every game, (2) in U6.