BYS Officials


It is very important to be at each game that you are assigned to and to be on time for those games. If you cannot make a game, please call the BYS Commissioner and let them know at least 24 hours hour before the game.

Part of your duties are to be at the fields by 7:30 am; help put out benches, put nets up; put up corner flags; help set up/take down Coach’s benches; get your stopwatch, whistle, and oath card ready; and report to the BYS Committee.

If you witness any injuries to players/parents/Coaches/visitors, please report it to a BYS Committee Member immediately.

If a parent, coach, or anybody is yelling at you or makes you feel unsafe, please contact the Deputy on-duty or a BYS Committee Member on-site right away. You are the authority on the field. The BYS Committee supports you 100% and is your go-to point of contact in difficult situations.

The number of players on the field varies per Division. Consult with coaches before each game to verify if teams have enough players. If there are not enough players, please notify a BYS Committee Member. It is permissible to recruit other players to help teams field a full team if they are short players. ALL players must be registered with BYS.


08/20/22 – Officials Meeting @ 11:00 AM
09/24/22 –Game 1
10/01/22 – Game 2
10/08/22 – Game 3
10/15/22 – Game 4
10/22/22 – Game 5
10/29/22 – Game 6
11/05/22 – Game 7
11/12/22 – Game 8
11/19/22 - End of Season Party

Training Resources

The following series of videos will help you become an expert in grassroots soccer and to become more confident on the field as you help provide a fun atmosphere for BYS players. US Soccer and leagues offer valuable training if you wish to pursue additional referee training.

Basic BYS Officials' Information and Training Videos

1. Advice to new Referees:

2. How to be more confident:

3. Start & Start:

4. Throw Ins:

5. Offsides (U14 & UP)

6. Goal Kicks -

7. Fouls & Misconduct -

8. Free Kicks -

9. Corner Kicks -


Pay is $20 cash per Referee per game. Payment will not be made until all nets and benches have been brought back to the shed after the games.

BYS Oath


Win or lose,

I pledge to play the game

to the best of my ability,

to play by the rules,

and be a good sport.


I pledge to always support my team

and child with good sportsmanship.

I will show respect for

ALL players, coaches, referees,

and all other participants

in this program today.