BYS Fall 2022 Registration

Registration 1: July 23rd 9am - 2pm

Registration 2: July 30th 9am - 12pm

Registration forms will be available for you to fill out on both registration days or can be found at the link below for your convenience. Completed Registration Forms can emailed to prior to registration day or printed and turned in on one of our two registration days. We HIGHLY recommend visiting the fields during registration to utilize the sample uniforms we have to best determine your child(ren)'s size. Uniform orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Payment MUST be made in person (cash or check) on one of the two registration days.

***Your child's participation is not secured until payment is made.

BYS Fall 2022 Registration Packet


U6-A: 4 and 5 years old

U6-B: 5 and 6 years old

U8: 7 and 8 years old

U10: 9 and 10 years old

U13: 11, 12, and 13 years old

Ages are determined by players’ birth dates as of the date of the first game of the Season (09/24/22). BYS reserves the right to request proof of age of player. If requested, proof must be supplied in order for the player to play.

Additional Supplies

All players will need:

Water bottle (mandatory for play/practice)
Non-metal cleats
Rubber or plastic shin guards
Correct size soccer ball (see below for sizes)

U6: Size 3

U8: Size 4

U10: Size 4

U13: Size 4 or 5

We recommend checking out Dick's Sporting Goods or Academy for package deals sold around this time frame. Thrift stores are also excellent places to find these items gently used. Amazon is also a reasonably priced source of these items. We have also started an online swap on our Facebook group page. Join us at:

Concussion Policy

A new season brings new rules. Due to our insurance policy's requirements, if a player is hit in the head or suspected of having a concussion, they will be removed from the game/practice and cannot return to play/practice without receipt of a note from a physician clearing them for play. There are to be no exceptions to this rule. Please do not blame the Coach, they are just following mandated requirements.


We HIGHLY recommend visiting the fields during registration to utilize the samples we have to best determine your child(ren)'s size of the uniform. Uniform orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you would like to order a replacement uniform and pay yourself, please contact and we will provide you with the details. Please note that BYS receives a volume discount on our uniform order, as such your individual order will be higher.

Picture Day

Picture day will be Oct 15th for all teams.

Team Parents

In addition to hearing from your Coach, your Team Parent will also initially reach out to you regarding snack schedules. A Team Parent is there to help the Coaches out with non-coaching tasks. The Team Parent will also be contacting you over the season with items such as verifying the spelling of names for the trophies, End of Season (EoS) Party, and anything additional that the Coach requests. Could this Team Parent possibly be you? Please visit our Team Parents page for more details on this awesome opportunity.