Team Parents


Team Parent Liaison

BYS's awesome Team Parent Liaison is here for any questions or concerns you may have.

The Liaison's phone number will be found in your Team Parent Packet (to be disseminated at the Team Parents Meeting). Please do not share this number with anyone.

Team Parents Meeting

The Fall 2022 Team Parents Meeting will be held 08/20/22 at the fields on Vollmer Lane at 9:00 am. You will receive your Team Parents Packet and other important information. Please try to make it to this meeting.

Team Rosters

Once rosters are finalized, you will receive one for your assigned team. Please do not share the rosters with ANYONE, as they have confidential medical and contact information contained within.

Weekly Snacks

Each family should provide snacks and drinks for at least one (1) game. Families may choose to collaborate with one another and share in the duty of after-game and halftime snacks. We would like the kids to have fruit or something similar and healthy during halftime at each game. Please - no dairy products and players' allergies are listed on the roster you will receive.

Please put together a snack schedule to be handed out/emailed to each parent. A blank form is linked below for your use. Feel free to use this form or create your own.

Sample Snack Schedule

Picture Day

Picture days will be Oct 15, 2022 for all teams.

Trophy Name Verifications

The name verification for trophies is a very tedious process for members of the BYS Committee. Please work with us to ensure that we get the children’s names correct as we all definitely don’t want any disappointed children receiving a trophy with the wrong name on the proud day that they are to receive it.

If you do not provide name verifications, then the Team Parent is responsible for taking the trophies to Monarch Trophy on San Pedro to correct any misspellings. If you do provide name verification then the Committee will take responsibility for misspellings.

End of Season (EoS) Party

The End of Season (EOS) Party is scheduled for 11/19/22. We will need your help passing out wristbands at the last game. If possible, the earliest you can show up to the EoS Party to help prepare for your Team would be awesome.